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His legacy
Notable Alumni  
Accra Academy has produced many famous alumni. Some Notable Alumni include a Head of State Lieutenant General J. A. Ankrah. Speakers of Parliament; Rt. Hon Daniel Francis Annan and Rt. Hon Peter Ala Adjetey. Chief Justices'; His Lordship Justice F. K. Apaloo and His Lordship Justice Samuel Azu Crabbe. Supreme Court Judges; Justices G. C. Mills-Odoi Justices G. Koranteng-Addo Justice Vincent Cyril Richard Author Charles
Nkrumah provided the services of a skilled Ghanaia  
Even more self-less support from Nkrumah came when Chiume met with Nkrumah in Ghana. Chiume writes: “When I saw Nkrumah personally he was most vehement in his denunciation of imperialism in Nyasaland. Since the Devlin Commission had already been appointed and we were determined to defend our colleagues in detention he offered ₤10000 to cover the defence costs. In addition he placed at our disposal the services of an able Ghanaian lawyer Mills Odoi to accompany whoever we chose to go to Central Africa for the purpose
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